The Adaptation of Western Museum Education Practices
Alya Rashid Burhaima, Michelle Dezember, Marjorie Schwarzer, and Pamela Erskine-Loftus (moderator)

Key Words: UAE, Qatar, program background, audiences

International Case Study session (22 May, 10:45am), AAM Annual Meeting and Museum Expo, Baltimore, MD. 19-22 May 2013
Alya Rashid Burhaima:  PowerPoint with notes HERE
Michelle Dezember:  PowerPoint PDF HERE   Presentation HERE
Marjorie Schwarzer:  Presentation HERE
Pamela Erskine-Loftus:  Introduction HERE
Session resources hand-out HERE

Olympic education in museums: an experience report
Marcia de Franceschi Neto-Wacker, Eman Alsofiany & Luis Henrique Rolim Silva

Key Words:  Qatar, education program examination

Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum 2012, Arts, Behavioral and Social Science, Humanities and Islamic Studies, session AHP32. Qatar National Convention Center, 21-23 October 2012
Abstract HERE
Community and Accessibility Programmes: one of a kind in the Gulf Region
Fatima Musharbak

Key Words: UAE, Sharjah, children, adults

Presentation as part of the Museums and Community session (15 July) of the Museums in Arabia sessions of the Seminar for Arabian Studies annual conference. British Museum 13-15 July 2012.   
Artists and Audiences
Michelle Dezember, Louise Hui-Juan Hsu, Abed al Ju’beh, Amal Khalaf, Murtaza Vali

Key words:  education departments, artists-audiences 

March Meeting 2012 panel discussion, 18 March. Dar Al Nadwa, Sharjah, UAE, 17-19 March 2012
Abstract and two-part video of panel available HERE
Heritage and museums: parental interest in heritage interaction for children
Pamela Erskine-Loftus (English) & Nahil Salah Alaskari (Arabic)

Key Words: child learning, experiential learning 

Symposia on heritage and children, Ministry of Culture, Art and Heritage, 25 October 2011.  Doha, Qatar, 25-27 October 2011
Museum Education Policy: integrating theory, practice and regional specificities
Pamela Erskine-Loftus

Key Words: UAE, learning theory, formalised policy

The Art of Learning symposium, Partnerships in Arts Learning: Museum, School and Community. Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar, 11-12 October 2009
Presentation notes with PP slides HERE
Images: education programmes at Sharjah Art Museum, UAE. 

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Community Engagement in the Gulf: a how-to guide using Maslow's hierarchy of needs  
John Bull
"We try to create experiences where the participants teach themselves": shifting museum education from formal to interactive processes  
Sundus Al-Rashid

The Many Roles of Education in Art Museums  
Sabrina Puppin

Shifting the Sphere of Influence: weaving women's stories into Saudi Arabia's cultural narrative  
Alex Aubry & Cara Varnell

Physical and Digital Replicas: extending engagement with museum collections for children and families in Qatar  
Claire Dobbin, David Taylor & Noora Alathbah

Engaging in Cross-Cultural Conversations: how women are shaping the museum field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  
Alex Aubry & Cara Varnell

Community Engagement through Informal Learning: co-creating transformative experiences for teachers in Abu Dhabi  
Sharifa Bin Horaiz & Laura Matzer

Museum Art Education - a partnership approach to 'Ways of Looking' at visual art in Oman  
Paul Doubleday & Sarah Nunn

The Sugar Project: engaging creativity to inspire healthy living - a case study from Qatar  
Angela Ruggles & Eman Abdullah

Developing a partnership to overcome barriers to access and deliver social outcomes: working with Hamad General Hospital, Doha, Qatar  
Alexandra Bennett & Mazna Al Mari

Key words: educational practice, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Qatar 

Multaqa: a forum for Gulf Museum Educators (j
ournal of the Gulf Museum Educators Network), vol. 1, spring 2016 
Available via HERE
The Adaptation of Western Museum Educational Practices
Alya Rashid Burhaima

Key Words:  UAE, Sharjah, museum programmes

In: Reimagining Museums: Practice in the Arabian Peninsula,
Pamela Erskine-Loftus, editor. MuseumsEtc, 2013, p.520-537
Artist Encounters: Artist-led Interpretive Programs and Inclusionary Practices
Michelle Dezember

Key Words: Qatar, artist-led programmes in museums, interviews

In: Reimagining Museums: Practice in the Arabian Peninsula, Pamela Erskine-Loftus, editor. MuseumsEtc, 2013, p.570-610
Also available in 10 Must Reads: Inclusion-Empowering New Audiences. MuseumsEtc, 2014.
Reflections on an informal learning environment with invocations for classroom learning in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates
Fiona Baker

Key Words: student-teacher perceived value of informal learning, discovery center

International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, version of record July 2012
Abstract HERE
Programmes Designed for Visitors to the Museums of Sharjah
Alya Burhaima

Key Words: types of programmes, audiences, programme development

Museum International, vol. 63, no. 3-4, September-December 2011, p.35-40
Abstract and access HERE
The Archaeological and Historical Park-Museum: An Educational and Cultural Destination
Valeria Fiorani Piacentini

Key Words: Saudi Arabia, educational aims 

Saudi Arabian and Women in Higher Education and Cultural Dialogue: new perspectives, CRiSSMA Working Paper no. 18, 2010, p.71-80
Available HERE
Multi-Cultural Dimensions of a Children's Play & Discovery Center In Arabia
Vicki L. Stoecklin & Randy White

Key Words: UAE, family engagement, focus groups

In: A Child's Right to Play: a global approach, Rhonda L Clements & Leah Fiorentino, editors. Praeger, 2004, p.221-224
Available HERE
Teaching of Anatomy in a Problem-Based Curriculum at the Arabian Gulf University: The New Face of the Museum
Pallab K Ganguly, Manoj Chakravarty, Nasir A Latif, Mirghani Osman & Marwan Abu-Hijleh

Key Words: Bahrain, university museum, student museum use

Clinical Anatomy, vol. 16, no. 3, May 2003, p.256-261
Available HERE
A Children's Play Center in Arabia
Randy White & Vicki L. Stoecklin

Key Words: UAE, discovery center

PlayRights, issue 3/01, June 2001
Available HERE
Creating Culturally Reflective Environments: The Role of Culture in Designing Child Care Facilities
Vicki L. Stoecklin

Key Words:  Qatar, discovery center, children's museum

Child Care Information Exchange, no. 5, May 2001, p.60-63
Available HERE
A Multi-Cultural Challenge: Designing for Children In Dubai
Randy White

Key Words:  families, education

Entertainment Management, January 2001
Available HERE